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Trends for Brides that are Hot in 2018

bridal style 2018

bridal trends 2018

Relaxed and Pretty is a Big Bridal Trend in 2018

The 2018 Bridal Fashion week, or rather month, wrapped up in April, and had no shortage of bridal beauty trends. But of all the bridal trends in 2018, five stood out on the catwalks. From the “no-makeup-but-really-make-up” looks, fabulous braids, messy locks, neutral toned eye-makeup, and dewy lips and skin, to super bold brows, it’s all about a natural look that makes a statement.

The No-Makeup, Makeup Look

Getting that perfect glow does require some make-up and routine skin care to make sure you are naturally your best. To ensure your skin looks radiant the day of your wedding hydration is key, so drink up ladies. While drinking enough water may seem simple enough, establishing a routine skin care regimen is important for helping your skin retain moisture and get rid of dead skin cells. Another way to look fresh on the day of your wedding is get a Bio-Active Peel by Dermalogica. This powerful skin resurfacing system can be tailored to address skin roughness, fine lines and wrinkles, acne breakouts, skin congestion, hyper-pigmentation, and unbalanced skin tone. Your skin will look and feel healthier after one treatment.


DermalogicaUsing a daily cleanser is important to keep your skin clean, oil free, and moisturized. Dermalogica Essential Cleansing Solution is a rich, creamy cleanser conditions dry skin. The non-foaming formula gently lifts impurities while replenishing dry skin and maintaining moisture levels. Be sure to use a topical moisturizer daily to keep your skin looking soft and dewy, such as the Dermalogica Active Moist. This moisturizer is sheer, contains Silk Amino Acids and a unique combination of plant extracts that help improve skin texture and combat surface dehydration.


The Face-Framing Strong Brow

bridal trends 2018

bridal trends 2018

Eyebrows are said to be the most important feature on your face, why? Eyebrows frame your face. Creating a strong brow gives your eyes a

pop without applying heavy eye makeup. There are four essential steps in creating the perfect strong brow look. Step one is proper grooming. Whether you choose waxing, threading, or plucking, get your face framers properly groomed a few days before the big day. The second step is deciding where the brow starts, ends, and arches. Thirdly, choose the perfect shade of neutral that best complaints your skin and hair color. Using a color that’s a little lighter than the actual color of the brow is a good trick that ensures a natural look. Lastly, use an eyebrow gel or Vaseline to ensure your look stays in place for the ceremony and reception.

Warm, Brown, and Natural

bridal trends 2018

The no-makeup-but-really-make-up isn’t complete without a warm, rich, brown shadow. Why brown? It goes with almost all other eye shadow colors, is flattering on every skin tone, complements every eye color, and makes a subtle but pop-able statement. Neutral and soft tones like brown also stand-out in natural lighting and will still look flawless in your wedding photos whether they are in color or black and white. The color brown fits perfectly with the no-makeup-but-really-make-up because the shades tend to look effortless and blend with your skin tone rather than making a bold statement.

Pink and Glossy Lips

bridal trends 2018

The perfect wedding look isn’t complete until your lips have the perfect shade. Adding a simple lip-rejuvenation treatment to your facial is a

great way to prepare you lips for your glossy or pink look.  After prepping your lips, a no-make up look is best complimented by a natural color or pink simple gloss. All brides are on the move on their wedding day, and choosing a low-maintenance lip seems to be a no-brainer. The low maintenance color of a neutral pink or a simple gloss is easy to touch-up and easy to wear. The look is long-lasting while making your skin look dewy and fresh. The pink of the natural gloss look compliments the brown-shadows.

Up, Down, or Braided?

Deciding on a hairstyle for your wedding day can be difficult, but 2018 is all about the natural messy look with braids and waves. These  hairstyles complement the no-makeup look well and are doable looks no matter your hair type or length. The messy or natural locks are fitting for any style of wedding whether it is indoor, outdoor, rustic country, or chic urban. This look is also less hassle than a heavily sprayed and pinned updo. In the summer it can sometimes be too hot to maintain a prim and proper hair-do. Ladies, in Louisville, Kentucky we know what humidity does to our hair.

Determined to have an updo? The hottest looks incorporate loose, long braids. Braids are a great way to add a little something special to your hair. Braids incorporating a headpiece or floral accents always look flawless and are perfect for a garden, country, or boho wedding.

Another hairstyle dominating the wedding runways is wavy hair. Beachy, windblown waves are a classic look that will go with any style of wedding and dress. The classic beach wave looks effortless, but is still elegant. Complement the waves with a simple under-braid or a decorated hair pin to give it some bling.

Every bride wants to look beautiful on their wedding day and with these timeless looks you are bound to look in-style and radiant on your big day.

bridal trends 2018bridal trendsbridal trends 2018









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