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When in the Bluegrass… The Bourbon Body Scrub Experience

Bluegrass Bourbon Body Scrub

Kentucky is the birthplace of the original American spirit – bourbon. Bourbonism is taking the nation by storm and Kentucky’s signature drink has even begun to appear as an ingredient in a number of homespun products, from bourbon-aged spices to candies and back again. Our personal favorite, and yes we’re bias, is Me Care Body Line’s bourbon body products. In the scope of bourbon-themed gifts and souvenirs, this is the first line of spa products using bourbon to create an intoxicating spa experience and we LOVE it!

The Bluegrass Bourbon Body Scrub treatment is new to the spa scene and is available at Xhale Salon-Spa on the 17th floor of the Galt House Hotel in Louisville, the Griffin Gate Resort and Spa in Lexington, and more locations to come. Me Care products were born from a desire to provide quality spa products that are still fun and offer an original experience.  

Why bourbon? Unlike other spirits, bourbon has a distinctive caramel scent that is luxurious and nostalgic. Combined with high quality natural ingredients, this boozy treatment makes for an experience that is both relaxing and decadent. By harnessing the energy of a bourbon boom, this product is rich in bourbon character.

The Me Care Body Line includes four products: Bootleg Body Butter, Whisked Sugar Scrub, Kentucky Dew Daily Moisturizer, and the signature Bluegrass Bourbon Body Scrub. Each is a blend of natural ingredients that exfoliate and moisturize. The signature Bluegrass Bourbon Body Scrub that is used in salon and spa treatments is a simple blend of sugars, rich oils, and bourbon great for exfoliation on chronically dry areas, such as elbows and feet. The smell is delicious with some clients using their bourbon terminology to describe the scent, while other fall back on their love of desserts.   

Ready to take your first tour of boozy spa treatments? Book the Bluegrass Bourbon Body Scrub at Xhale Salon-Spa. The only Louisville, Kentucky location featured in CNN Travel for an exclusive bourbon infused body treatment that’s leaving clients intoxicated.

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