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5 Gorgeous Festival Looks

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Music festivals are an outlet for your party alter ego. Whether you want to channel your inner Boho, rocker, or glitter queen vibes a music festival like Forecastle, is an opportunity to show off your inner mermaid beauty. Xhale Salon and Spa offers glitter and gemstone makeup to complete festival looks. Rock out this year with one of these 5 hot festival trends.

Boho Chic

Celebrate  your Boho soul with a simple floral crown and natural locks. A simple floral crown is a great way to accessorize without having to go over the top. Choose bright colored flowers that match your outfit, or add a little sparkle by dusting your hair and floral headband with some glitter. The natural locks make for an easy and manageable hairdo while you are dancing the night away to your favorite bands.  Natural wavy hair is a hot way to go Boho. That messy beach wave is always stylish, but this year try a messy braid. Braids are trendy and are easy to maintain throughout a festival day.The more you dance the messier the look the more Boho you have become!

Rock the Metallic

If you’re looking to bring out your  inner rocker, than metallic accents, bandannas and dark liners are for you. Use a metallic eye shadow to make your eyes pop and complete the look with a heavy, dark, abstract liner. You can use a bandanna or scarf to set off  a messy ponytail or use as an accessory around the neck. Add a little something extra with glitter on your highlight points, such as your collarbone, shoulders, or even your hair. Compliment your rocker look with some added color to your hair and lips. Tipped hair is hot right now, and gives you an edgy look without committing to a full-color change. Bright and bold colors on the lips gives you an edgy look.

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Be the Queen of Glitter

Who doesn’t need a little sparkle in their life? Deck yourself out with face, body, and hair glitter to give yourself a look that can’t be missed. For a more articulated glitter look, add it to your hair as  and let those starry sparkle locks fly. Whether you choose an up do or flowing locks adding shimmer helps you stand out in a crowd.

Accent your natural beauty by adding glitter to your highlighting and contouring areas. Use glitter to accent your cheekbones and collar bones for a sculpted, otherworldly look. Heavy glitter eye makeup is a stunning alternative to shadow to give your eyes definition and bring out their color. Try using a colored false lashes to compliment your sparkle.

Gem it Out

Gemstones on just about every inch of skin are one of the hottest trends right now. Gemstones give you a bold and glamorous look that is sure to turn heads! Place the stones artistically  across your chest or neck to make a pendant shape is a sexy alternative to jewelry. Like the glitter look, adding gemstones to your highlighting areas accentuates your natural features and unleashes your inner goddess. Pairing body glitter, gemstone accents, and abstract liner gives you a complete festival look.

Rainbows and Unicorns

Are you a rare mystic? The unicorn look is for you! The unicorn look is a rainbow glitter bomb of everything fabulous. Heavy blue and purple accents define the look and help your features stand out in the stage lights.. Dust yourself with rainbow glitter on your highlight points,chest, and shoulders and throughout your hair. Pastel colored hair is all the rage  and gives you a magic appeal. Add two different colored liners for an abstract look that will make your eyes pop.

Be sure to jam out in style this year at your favorite music festival by coming to Xhale Salon & Spa, where all your alter ego looks can be completed directly across the street. Whether you are going for boho, rocker, shimmer, or unicorn all your looks can happen at Xhale Salon and Spa.  Check out Xhale’s Pinterest boards for inspirational looks! 

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